Spies on British Screens, Plymouth University 17-19 June 2016, Programme

Here is the order of events for the Spies on British screens conference. Places can be booked here (early bird before 16th May 2016). The organisers were really happy with the quality of abstracts and look forward to a stimulating conference.

Conference Plan – Spies on British Screens June 2016

Friday 17th June 2016


10:30-11:00 Registration

11am Opening Comments & Panel 1 – British Spy Drama Cycles

Gus Burton (University of Leicester) – ‘Jumping on the Bondwagon’: The Spy Cycle in British Cinema in the 1960s and 1970

Felix Thompson (University of Derby) – ‘60s & 70s TV Spy Drama’


12:30 Lunch

13:30 Masculinities

Claire Hines (Southampton Solent University) – ‘Now, Pay Attention 007’: The New Q, Contemporary Masculinity and the Bond Franchise

Stephanie Jones (Aberystwyth University) – “Get your clothes on and I’ll buy you an ice cream”: the unlikely history of James Bond and the New Man

Matthew Bellamy (University of Michigan) – “Burgess and Bond: Homosexuality, Violence, and Masculinity in Cold War Spy Fiction”

15:00 Smiley’s Studies

Sara Thomas (Aberystwyth University)- The banal staging of George Smiley’s Cold War conflict in A Deadly Affair (1966)

Douglas McNaughton (University of Brighton) – Cold War Spaces: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in television and cinema

Jane Barnwell (University of Westminster) – Spies at Home – the role of the domestic interior in Tinker Tailor Soldier, Spy (2011, Tomas Alfredson)

16:30 Keynote address – Dr Pamela Church-Gibson (UAL) TBA

18:00 Wine Reception


Saturday 18th June 2016

9:30 The Global James Bond

Maria Vaz (Lisbon University Institute) – The James Bond effect: 50 years of a global phenomenon evolution.

Caterina Foa – (Lisbon University Institute) The James Bond effect: 50 years of a global phenomenon evolution.

Filipa Moreira – (Lisbon University Institute) The James Bond effect: 50 years of a global phenomenon evolution.

11:00 Spying and the World at War

Chris Smith – (University of Kent) Sherlock Holmes and the Fifth Column: The People’s War, the Abwehr and American understanding of British wartime propaganda, 1942-43

Claudia Sternberg (University of Leeds) – Beyond the Western Front: WWI Screen Espionage as Female Empowerment?


12:30 Lunch

14:00 Representations and Re-imaginings of the Cold War

Daryl Leeworthy (Swansea University) – UNCLE on Repeat:  Sixties Spies and Cold War Nostalgia in the Early 1990s

Justin Harrison (University of Victoria) – A Pacifying Narcotic: The Avengers as a Cold War Entertainment

Joseph Oldham (University of Warwick) – From ‘Pop’ to Surveillance Culture: Bugs as the ‘Avengers of the 90s’

15:30 Narrative, Adaptations, Agency

Catherine Edwards – “Right. We shall start.” Narrative beginnings in adaptations of John Le Carré.

Edward Biddulph – Bond girls, Bondmania, and Bondmanship: James Bond’s impact on the English language

Barbara Korte (University of Freiburg) – The Agency of the Agent in Spectre

17:00 Keynote address – Rosie White (Northumbria University) – TBA

Followed by boat to Royal William Yard – Conference dinner at River Cottage Canteen



Sunday 19th June 2016

9:30 The Millennial Bond

Edward Lambert (KCL)- “Forgive Vesper. Forgive yourself.” Motion and Emotion in Quantum of Solace (2008)

Christopher Holiday (KCL) – Blow up: James Bond, London and post-7/7 visions of a cinematic city

Alexander Sergeant (KCL) – “Conspicuous by Her Absence”: The Function of the “Bond Girl” as Structuring Archetype in Spectre (2015)

11:00 A Special Relationship?

Toby Manning (The Open University)- The Special Relationship: how US espionage drama Homeland channels John le Carré.

Tom May (Newcastle) – Not so ‘Special’ a Relationship? Intelligence and Cold War geopolitical history in adaptations of Graham Greene’s The Comedians and The Honorary Consul.

12:00 Lunch

12:30 The Gender Divide in Spy Culture

Cat Mahoney (Northumbria University) [Peggy punches him in the face]: Marvel’s Agent Carter, a New Popular Feminist (?) Hero.

Kirsten Smith (Lancaster University) From Mundt to Martin: the development of East German masculinity on British screens.

Laura Crossley (Liverpool University) An Absence of Modesty: the male/female dichotomy in Modesty Blaise

14:00 Conference ends


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